Membership in WBN is open to any woman in business or interested in business issues. Members are involved in a variety of fields and occupations, such as:

> Accounting
> Animals
> Antique Restoration
> Architecture
> Artist
> Attorney
> Baskets
> Chef
> Computer education
> Coaching/Consulting
> Design
> Desktop publishing
> Elder Care
> Electrical Contracting
> Executive Search
> Financial Services
> Food Services
> Graphic Arts
> Health Care
> Jewelry
> Landscaping
> Management consulting
> Marketing
> Massage Therapy
> Music
> Nutrition
> Psychology
> Photography
> Printmaking
> Publishing
> Sales: Manufacturers rep
> Sales: Retail
> Real Estate
> Screen Printing
> Software development
> Software marketing
> Speech pathology
> Technology consulting
> Tutoring
> Visual Arts
> Wardrobe Consultant
> Web Design
> Writing

The Women’s Business Network was founded in Harvard, Massachusetts, but has expanded to include members from many neighboring communities. Since the WBN seeks a broad representation of women who offer diverse experiences and perspectives, membership is inclusive. In addition to those already in the workforce as employees or business owners, the roster is also open to women who are interested in starting their own business, or who work in a large organization but want to discuss business issues in a professional, supportive atmosphere outside the office. Also welcome are women who have been out of the workforce, but are poised to re-enter.

What are the Requirements and Responsibilities of Membership?

The requirements are simple: any woman with an interest in business issues is welcome to become a member. Annual dues are $75. Newcomers are invited to attend one free introductory meeting and are asked to remit their membership fee at or before the second meeting, if they wish to join.

The responsibilities are equally simple: a commitment to developing professionally and personally and a willingness to help others.

The Women’s Business Network is committed to helping women succeed in business, and members should share that vision and seriousness of purpose. While there is an elected board of officers, since most members have busy schedules, the responsibility for planning programs, arranging for speakers, and coordinating events is rotated often. And though the group’s purpose is serious, members also recognize the importance of humor, so WBN meetings are enjoyable as well as educational.

To find out more about our members, see the Members Page. [COMING SOON]

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