WBN is a group of nearly 50 women in small businesses and professional practices who meet monthly for mutual education, support & business referrals, 2nd Thursday of the month. Typically, we meet face-to-face, but during “Covid Era” meet virtually.


Virtual Zoom meetings: 7:30pm, Live meetings, typically 7:15, allowing for check-in, refreshments and informal schmoozing.

This fall, we are doing an earlier start for ‘live’/virtual meetings. (5:15pm)

Topics for 2020-21

  • How to Keep Going During Social Distancing
  • Making Your Business More Resilient in The Covid Era
  • Hands-On Social Media Help and Strategies
  • Tricks to Make Yourself Stand Out on Linked-In
  • The Do’s and Don’ts Home/Work Balance
  • Public Speaking on Zoom – How to do
  • Leadership, Networking, Surviving, Growing & Making an Impact – Strategies for Today

Join Us ~ Guests welcome

Register for our June 2021 Celebration Dinner by clicking here.